Las Vegas, NV – Today, Elizabeth Helgelien, a businesswoman, former State Senator, proven Conservative leader and Republican candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District announced that Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First (VFAF) has endorsed her candidacy for Congress

VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald shared the following endorsement statement:

“Elizabeth Helgelien is a true America First patriot that will fight for us in congress , she has our full support. Elizabeth Helgelien earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Corban University in Salem, OR. She is a member of Psi Chi, the International honor society in psychology.

Elizabeth Helgelien is a former State Senator and the youngest female State Senator in the history of Nevada. During her time at the NV legislature, Elizabeth served on the Senate Revenue committee, the Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy committee, as well as the Senate Transportation committee.

Elizabeth Helgelien is a proven conservative who brings common sense to government. Her bulletproof conservative record on the issues earned her a rare 100% American Conservative Union rating. She earned an NRA A-rating in 2011 AND 2018.”

Elizabeth shared the following statement:

“VFAF supports veterans, first responders, their fraternal organizations, and those who provide essential services by engaging at the grassroots level to leverage national action.

I am deeply honored to have this endorsement from VFAF. I am so passionate about working alongside engaged Americans responding in our nation’s great hour of need. Together we will preserve the foundational principles that are part of our legacy as a nation including economic freedom, secure borders, national security, the rule of law and individual rights.

While government corruption is rife and our communities are struggling from the breakdown in our societal norms of civil order, the mainstream media and political pundits deny reality. When I go to fight for Nevadans in Congress, I’ll deal squarely with the issues that Americans nationwide want to see addressed with solutions that deliver.”