LAS VEGAS, NV – US Senator Tommy Tuberville has endorsed former State Senator Elizabeth Helgelien for US House in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. 

Senator Turberville stated in support of Elizabeth:

“As a football coach, I know the importance of having strong, reliable players on your team who are ready to tackle challenges head-on. In the political arena, it’s no different. Today’s political climate demands leaders who are not only aware of the challenges we face but are also prepared to confront them with with grit and perseverance. Elizabeth Helgelien is exactly the kind of leader we need on our team in Congress. Her steadfast commitment to the principles of limited government, individual liberty, economic freedom, and putting America First is precisely what Nevada and our nation require in these trying times. I wholeheartedly endorse Elizabeth Helgelien for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. She’s the MVP we need to ensure our conservative principles are advanced and our American ideals are protected. Elizabeth Helgelien is the right choice, and I’m proud to be on her team.”

Elizabeth Helgelien stated in response to her endorsement:

“As someone who played tackle football in High School, it is a high honor to be endorsed by legendary coach and now US Senator Tommy Tuberville. We have been overwhelmed by endorsements by great patriots like him. Our campaign is energized to fight for the people of Nevada and to be a voice for conservative values in Congress.”