LAS VEGAS, NV – In a significant boost to her campaign, Elizabeth Helgelien, a staunch advocate for the America First agenda and candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, has received the official endorsement of Roger Stone, a prominent figure in the conservative movement and a close ally of President Donald Trump.
Roger Stone, known for his unwavering commitment to conservative principles and his strategic role in several presidential campaigns, issued the following statement:

“Today, I’m endorsing my friend Elizabeth Helgelien for U.S. Congress in Nevada’s 3rd district, a fearless advocate for President Trump’s America First agenda. Elizabeth stands strong for a secure border, economic growth, and our constitutional rights. She’s the leader we need to continue President Trump’s legacy and take on Washington’s establishment, the DC Swamp. Join me in supporting a true patriot, a proven America First Conservative. Vote Elizabeth Helgelien for Congress and send President Trump the reinforcements he needs.

P.S. if I could add to Stone’s Rules I’d add: #141 Support Elizabeth Helgelien.”

Elizabeth Helgelien’s campaign has been marked by her dedication to core conservative values, including securing America’s borders, fostering economic growth, and protecting constitutional freedoms. The endorsement from Roger Stone underscores her commitment to these principles and her readiness to challenge the status quo in Washington.

In response to the endorsement, Elizabeth Helgelien expressed her gratitude and reinforced her commitment to the campaign’s goals:

“I am deeply honored to receive Roger Stone’s endorsement. His support reaffirms our shared commitment to preserving America’s greatness and ensuring a strong, prosperous future for all Americans. Together, we will fight to keep America first, uphold our constitutional rights, and ensure that our nation remains a beacon of freedom and opportunity.”

The endorsement comes at a crucial time as the campaign gears up for the upcoming election, signaling strong support for Elizabeth Helgelien’s candidacy among key conservative figures and voters who are eager to see a return to principled leadership in Congress.