Las Vegas, NV – Today, Elizabeth Helgelien, a businesswoman, former State Senator, proven Conservative leader and Republican candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District announced that The Calvin Coolidge Project has endorsed her candidacy for Congress.

The Calvin Coolidge Project shared the following endorsement statement:

“I officially endorse Elizabeth Helgelien for Nevada 3rd District. Elizabeth has my complete and total endorsement. She is running against Democrat Susie Lee. She is a former state senator. During her time in the state senate, she had a proven Conservative track record and an excellent voting record. Elizabeth is a successful businesswoman who has her own real estate business. One of her top priorities is securing the border and stopping illegal immigration. She is a Christian and is Pro-Life. She believes in law and order and is tough on crime. Elizabeth is 100% America First.”

Elizabeth shared the following statement:

“Thanks to entities such as The Calvin Coolidge Project, the American people have a fighting chance to discover the truth about their elected officials and the DC bureaucracy. Like The Calvin Coolidge Project, We The People have had to fill the vacuum left by journalists refusing to cover the real news that shapes current issues by doing their own research and crowd-sourcing the facts.

I’m deeply honored to have this endorsement from The Calvin Coolidge Project, and am grateful for this recognition of my proven Conservative leadership as an elected official. Elected officials should be applauded when they deliver on their promises, and held to account when they go back on their word. I’m grateful for all the work The Calvin Coolidge Project has done to assist the American public in making informed decisions as they engage as participants in our representative democracy.

When Nevadans send me to Congress to work for them, they can count on me to uphold the tried and true principles of limited government, free enterprise, national sovereignty and individual freedoms so that our Constitutional Republic endures.”