Las Vegas, NV – Today, Steve Sanchez, renowned conservative talk show host and influential voice in the Las Vegas community, proudly announces his endorsement of Elizabeth Helgelien in her campaign for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd congressional district.

As the host of “The Steve Sanchez Show,” Sanchez has built a strong reputation for his unyielding dedication to conservative principles and his commitment to empowering individuals who share his vision for a prosperous and strong America. 

Elizabeth Helgelien embodies the values and principles that Steve Sanchez has long championed. Her steadfast commitment to limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility aligns perfectly with Sanchez’s conservative ideology. Her proven track record of advocating for the concerns of her constituents and her deep understanding of the pressing issues facing our nation makes her an ideal candidate for Congress.

 Sanchez shared the following statement:

“I am proud to throw my support behind Elizabeth in her bid for Congress. She possesses the qualities we need in our leaders: integrity, unwavering principles, and a deep understanding of the challenges facing our nation. I have no doubt that Elizabeth will be a fierce advocate for our conservative values, working tirelessly to protect our constitutional rights and promote policies that will lead to a brighter future for all Americans.”

Helgelien had this to say about the endorsement:

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Steve Sanchez, a respected conservative voice and a tireless advocate for our shared values. With his support, we will continue our mission to represent the concerns and aspirations of our district, standing strong for freedom, prosperity, and limited government.”