LAS VEGAS, NV —America’s Toughest Sheriff, Joe Arpaio has announced his endorsement of Elizabeth Helgelien for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat. Arpaio is the former Maricopa County Sheriff known for his decades of fearless service to our country and lifelong advocacy for securing the Mexican Border. He is throwing his support behind Helgelien’s campaign for Congress citing her strong conservative record in the Nevada State Senate and her commitment to law and order.

Arpaio, known for his tough-on-crime approach during his time as Sheriff, had this to say:

“I’m endorsing Elizabeth Helgelien because I’m sick and tired of spineless Republicans who talk a big game about our Southern Border, but do nothing while we’re being invaded. When I was Sheriff, I didn’t let any bureaucrat tell me how to solve the problem: I solved it by exercising my constitutional powers as sheriff and enforcing the laws on the books.

Elizabeth Helgelien’s record proves she’ll show the same grit when she’s elected to Congress. I’m confident she’ll fight to build the wall, deport the criminals, and end the invasion.”

Helgelien had this to say to her supporters in response:

“It is a great honor to be endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Nobody in the last fifty years has done more to secure our Southern Border, fight drug trafficking, and lock up hardened criminals. More than that, he empowered the people of Maricopa County and Arizona to protect themselves with his posse system, saving untold sums of taxpayer money in the process.

He is an example for the rest of us, and that’s why we call him America’s Toughest Sheriff! 

Sheriff Joe and I both recognize that in order to achieve real, permanent change, we must be unyielding in our fight against criminals, the far Left, and corrupt elites. With Sheriff Joe’s endorsement, I am confident that we will have the strength and fortitude to stand up to these challenges and make a lasting impact.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio joins other conservative leaders in endorsing Helgelien, such as Jim Marchant, Sam Peters, Ed Goedhart, Blake Guinn, Danny Tarkanian, and Barry Goldwater Jr.