LAS VEGAS, NV – Elizabeth Helgelien, a former State Senator and current Congressional candidate in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional district has issued a call to action to Governor Joe Lombardo regarding crucial election reforms. After uncovering significant voting discrepancies in Nevada, Helgelien is urging Governor Lombardo to either convene a special legislative session or issue an executive order to address these serious concerns.

Helgelien’s call for action comes in the wake of her alarming discovery related to her own voting records, which erroneously indicated she participated in a vote by mail in Nevada’s presidential preference primary — a vote she never cast. This revelation, coupled with similar discrepancies reported by many other Nevada residents, points to potential systemic issues in the state’s electoral processes. The Secretary of State yesterday explained the error as simply a “glitch” which they only addressed nearly two weeks after the election when We The People brought it to the public’s attention.

To combat these irregularities and restore public trust in Nevada’s electoral system, Elizabeth Helgelien is requesting Governor Lombardo to take immediate measures including:

  1. Initiate a special legislative session or enact an executive order to end mass mail-in balloting in Nevada.
  2. Reinstate protocols requiring voters to request ballots, with a strong emphasis on returning to paper ballots for upcoming elections.
  3. Implement robust safeguards to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the electoral process.

“The inconsistencies in our voting records are more than just troubling – they are a threat to our Republic. It’s imperative that Governor Lombardo takes swift action to address these issues. The people of Nevada deserve an electoral system that they can trust, one that ensures every vote is properly counted and reflects the true will of the people.” -Elizabeth Helgelien