LAS VEGAS– Former State Senator Elizabeth Helgelien, Conservative Republican for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, extends heartfelt congratulations to Donald Trump for winning last night’s Iowa Caucus. Trump’s victory echoes the resounding support of freedom-loving Americans who recognize his unwavering commitment to the principles of liberty, prosperity, and constitutional conservatism.

As an ardent supporter of the America First agenda, Elizabeth Helgelien is elated by the results of the Iowa Caucus. Trump’s triumph underscores the enduring strength of the MAGA movement and sets the stage for another decisive win in Nevada. Elizabeth Helgelien is honored to serve as a Trump Nevada Caucus Captain, looks forward to rallying with fellow patriots to maintain the state as a stronghold of America First principles.

The victory in Iowa serves as a prelude to the continued success of the America First movement, and Elizabeth Helgelien stands ready to contribute to the momentum. Elizabeth further added “I want to thank Vivek Ramaswamy for bringing up important issues on the campaign trail, and thank him for joining me in endorsing President Donald J. Trump. I call on Governor Ron DeSantis to drop out and endorse President Trump as well.”