Las Vegas, NV – The Oil & Gas Workers Association (OGWA), a leading voice for the American oil and gas workforce, has proudly announced its endorsement of Elizabeth Helgelien for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. This endorsement is a testament to Elizabeth’s unwavering commitment to American energy dominance and her understanding of the oil and gas industry’s vital role in the nation’s economy.

OGWA, representing over 47,000 members since its inception in 2015, is dedicated to securing and growing American oil and gas jobs. The organization’s endorsement comes with a powerful message from Matt Coday, President & Founder of OGWA:

“Our jobs, families, states, and nation are under attack every day. Extracting Nevada’s vast natural resources and supporting USA oil and gas jobs requires elected representatives with the political will to fight for American energy dominance. Elizabeth Helgelien is an experienced oil and gas professional who understands costly, unnecessary ‘environmental’ regulations hinder USA job growth. Elizabeth is committed to growing our economy, securing our borders, and restoring our national security. Oil & Gas Workers Association proudly endorses Elizabeth Helgelien for Congress and encourages all citizens in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District to support her with your vote. God bless you! God bless America!”

Elizabeth’s platform is built on promoting energy independence, rolling back counterproductive regulations, and fostering an environment where the oil and gas industry can thrive.

Reacting to the endorsement, Elizabeth Helgelien remarked, “I am deeply honored to receive the Oil & Gas Workers Association’s endorsement. This isn’t just a vote of confidence in my campaign; it’s a call to action to defend our energy sector from crippling regulations and to champion policies that bolster our economy and national security. Unlike my opponent, I understand the devastating impact of policies like the Green New Deal and am committed to ensuring America leads the way in energy production and innovation.”