Las Vegas, NV –Fresh off the heels of announcing her position as the fundraising leader in the NV-03 race, Elizabeth Helgelien’s campaign gains further momentum with the endorsement of Former U.S. Congressman Steve King, a stalwart conservative who served in Congress for nearly two decades.

Despite the RINO Establishment firmly backing Heidi Kasama, Elizabeth’s grassroots campaign has resonated with true conservatives, showcasing her as the genuine conservative choice for NV-03.

Speaking on his endorsement, Former U.S. Congressman King remarked:

“I’m pleased to endorse Elizabeth Helgelien for Congress. I spent 18 years in Congress fighting illegal immigration, fighting to save Western Civilization and the unborn. I know firsthand that we don’t just have to fight the Democrats, but also weak RINO Republicans who sell out to K Street and the globalists.”

He further added:

“Elizabeth will not sell out. As a legislator, she owns a 100% voting record with the American Conservative Union. That’s why Elizabeth Helgelien has my complete and total support. Elizabeth is the candidate who will pull Congress to the Right, who won’t go woke and won’t spend us broke. It takes real principles and real conviction to hold your ground in the D.C. grist mill. Elizabeth has demonstrated that grit in Nevada and, I am confident, will do the same in Washington, D.C..”

Responding to the endorsement, Elizabeth Helgelien said:

“We have both experienced ‘Walking Through the Fire’, by an unfair press and political establishment and so I am proud to receive the endorsement of another America First Warrior. Receiving U.S. Congressman King’s endorsement is a testament to our campaign’s commitment to true conservative values. We will continue to champion the values that make our nation great and ensure that Nevada’s voice resonates powerfully in Washington.”