Las Vegas, NV – BOOM! Elizabeth Helgelien, the steadfast America First Warrior, is leading the charge in the NV-03 fundraising race. While her opponent, Heidi Kasama, received a hefty $20,000 from the now-ousted Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, Elizabeth Helgelien surged ahead with an impressive $154,547.54 in individual contributions, compared to Kasama’s $136,874.79 in individual contributions. Drew Johnson came in third with a total of $59,224.15 raised in individual contributions. 

The numbers speak for themselves, showcasing where conservatives’ true allegiance lies.

With a 100% Conservative Voting record from the ACU, Elizabeth Helgelien’s commitment to conservative values is undeniable. In contrast, Kasama lags behind with a 70% rating. The Nevada Policy Research Institute also weighed in, dubbing Kasama the worst Republican member of the legislature.

Kasama’s track record further differentiates the two candidates. Kasama’s endorsement of Congresswoman Susie Lee, praising her as a “problem solver,” highlights her moderate stance. In this race, the distinction is clear: Kasama represents the establishment, while Elizabeth Helgelien embodies the America First spirit that Nevada yearns for.

As the NV-03 race heats up, Elizabeth Helgelien stands out as the genuine America First Warrior, ready and equipped to take on both Kasama and Lee.