Las Vegas, NV – Quickly following her endorsement from Barry Goldwater Jr., Elizabeth Helgelien is proud to announce endorsements from FOUR prominent conservative Nevadans- award winning businessman and fmr Congressional nominee Sam Peters, fmr Assemblyman Ed Goedhart, conservative leader and grandson of Governor Kenny Guinn and businessman Blake Guinn, and Republican stalwart, current Douglas County Commissioner, and fmr Congressional nominee Danny Tarkanian.

Sam Peters shared the following statement:

“It will take more than a campaign to beat Susie Lee in 2024. We need a movement of Patriots that know how to walk the walk. Elizabeth Helgelien is a leader in this movement. She is the Patriot that scored a perfect ACU rating while serving in the Nevada State Senate. I’ve met her. I’ve seen her passion for Nevada, and I’m endorsing her campaign because she will always put the American people above the wretched will of Washington D.C.”

Ed Goedhart shared the following statement:

“Nevada needs true conservative fighters in Washington, DC — that’s why I’m endorsing Elizabeth Helgelien.  In the State Senate Elizabeth went toe to toe with Democrats and RINOs to fight against tax increases and additional burdensome nanny state regulations. We need fighters like Elizabeth to take on the socialists and the RINOs, that’s why she has my complete and total endorsement”

Blake Guinn shared the following statement:

I have had the pleasure of knowing Elizabeth for more than a decade, and I can attest to her exceptional qualities…Moreover, Elizabeth’s accomplishments as a businesswoman are nothing short of remarkable, as she has established herself as a top-performer in the competitive real estate industry. Her work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to excellence are an honor to witness, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside her. Therefore, I am honored and privileged to endorse Elizabeth Helgelien for Nevada’s Congressional District 3…

Danny Tarkanian shared the following statement:

“I am proud to endorse Elizabeth Helgelien, a true conservative with undeniable tenacity and grit, to represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. I know firsthand the value of perseverance. Elizabeth has a proven record: both in the State Senate and in business. We need Elizabeth’s unwavering determination in Congress to stand up to the radical left and champion the conservative values we hold dear.”

Helgelien had this to say about these endorsements:

“I’m deeply moved to have these endorsements. These men understand the forces of opposition we are dealing with when it comes to restoring a nation that is truly governed by We The People. Their acknowledgment that I am a person that Nevadans can trust to go to bat for in D.C. means a lot to me, and I look forward to turning that confidence into a reality for everyone in the Silver State.”