Las Vegas, NV – Today, Congressional candidate Elizabeth Helgelien, Fmr. State Senator and small business owner announced that she has signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Elizabeth understands that unrestrained government spending has been destructive to the American economy more than anything else, and increasing the tax burden on hard working families. By signing this pledge, Elizabeth is showing her commitment to fight against wasteful government spending, and will refuse to raise taxes in Congress.

Elizabeth shared the following: 

“We’ve been forced to deal with the consequences of out-of-this-world government spending, and everyday Americans are hurting and our national security is threatened by astronomical debt.

Continuing in this direction will eradicate the middle class and make it near impossible for small businesses to thrive. Local economies depend upon a strong small business sector to stimulate growth and support the community through the history of charitable acts that has defined our national character.

I proudly signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge because we must stop enabling Big Government to put the burden of unnecessary projects, special interest initiatives and DC greed on the backs of American taxpayers. I know I represent a majority of Nevadans in saying this, and will demonstrate a relentless resolve to serve their voices in Congress.”