Las Vegas, NV – Elizabeth Helgelien, conservative Republican candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, recently joined Booker Scott on the “Our Lives & Politics” podcast, hosted by America Out Loud. The episode delved into the tumultuous events of the past week, from the government shutdown to the unprecedented removal of the Speaker of the House.

Helgelien shared her insights on the challenges facing the U.S. House of Representatives, emphasizing that the issues did not begin with the recent actions of Matt Gaetz and the seven Republicans who voted to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker. She highlighted the long-standing problems stemming from years of unchecked spending and a lack of government accountability.

The episode also touched upon a recent Newsweek investigation that revealed the FBI’s targeting of Donald Trump supporters. Helgelien discussed the implications of this revelation and its potential impact on the upcoming elections.

Elizabeth Helgelien’s appearance on the podcast underscores her commitment to bringing principled conservative leadership to Congress and her dedication to addressing the root causes of the challenges facing our

our nation.

For those interested in listening to the full episode, it is available here.