Las Vegas, NV – Today, Elizabeth Helgelien, a businesswoman, former State Senator, proven Conservative leader and Republican candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District announced that political commentator Gunther Eagleman has endorsed her candidacy.

Gunther Eagleman is a retired law enforcement officer with almost half a million followers on X alone, and is an advocate for secure borders, President Trump, and the America First Agenda.

Gunther shared the following endorsement statement:

“I officially endorse Elizabeth Helgelien for Nevada’s 3rd District. She is a former NV state Senator who believes in secure borders, law and order, and is a Pro Life candidate.”

Elizabeth shared the following statement:

“America will fall as the freedom-loving nation we were destined to endure as without citizens fearlessly exercising their First Amendment rights to question the narrative of mainstream media, establishment politicians and the escalated weaponization of federal agencies by the Biden Admin.

I’m grateful for Gunther Eaglemen’s fearless voice of advocacy for the tried and true Conservative values that have empowered Americans to pursue the unalienable rights our Declaration of Independence has enshrined as our birthright. I’m grateful for Gunther’s recognition that I will fight tirelessly for secure borders, the rule of law and the protection of women’s rights against the Radical Left agenda.

I’m deeply honored to have Gunther’s endorsement. When Nevadans elect me to Congress, I look forward to being responsive to the Gunther Eaglemans of the Silver state exercising their Free Speech in the united fight to reestablish enforced border security and a norm of equal application of our laws for every individual.”