Las Vegas – In a resounding endorsement that echoes a call for strength and change, General Mike Flynn, a distinguished military leader and President Trump’s National Security Advisor, has firmly endorsed Elizabeth Helgelien for U.S. Congress in Southern Nevada. General Flynn, who served the United States with honor and distinction, emphasizes the critical need for leaders who will stand up against the establishment and the entrenched figures within the Washington DC swamp.


Elizabeth Helgelien responded to the endorsement with gratitude and commitment:

“I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of General Mike Flynn. His decades of service to our country and his dedication to preserving American values make this endorsement particularly meaningful. General Flynn knows the challenges we face both at home and abroad. As a candidate for the United States Congress, I am committed to standing up against the Washington DC swamp and fighting for the American people. I thank General Flynn for his support and share his conviction that, together, we can bring about positive change and ensure a prosperous future for all Americans.”