Las Vegas, NV – Today, Elizabeth Helgelien, Fmr. State Senator and small business owner announced that Fmr. Assemblyman, former Republican Nominee for Congress in Nevada’s 4th CD, and former Republican Nominee for Secretary of State Jim Marchant has endorsed her campaign to serve Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Prior to serving as Assemblyman, Marchant was a leader and innovator in the internet industry. While in the Nevada Assembly, Marchant fought for lower taxes, less regulation on small businesses, Second Amendment rights, and transparency in government.

Marchant shared the following statement:

“True patriots need to stand together against the liberal elite, and that’s why I’m endorsing Elizabeth Helgelien’s campaign for Congress.

Make no mistake, she is the true MAGA choice who will go to DC, ask the tough questions, and take our country back!”

Helgelien had this to say about the endorsement:

“I’m deeply honored to have Jim Marchant’s endorsement. Marchant has made historic gains that have impacted our internet freedoms as an innovative businessman. He also has the heart of a public servant who listens to the concerns of constituents no matter how much the establishment attacks him for it.

Like Jim, my proven record as a Nevada legislator earned recognition and endorsements for enriching constituents’ lives by taking a stand for our Conservative values.

I’m grateful for Jim’s recognition that I’m not the kind of politician who will make promises while campaigning, and then do the opposite after entering office by succumbing to the temptations of lobbyists and third party interests.

Our nation cannot survive the continued abandonment by self-serving politicians who put the DC lobbying cartels’ interests over everyday Americans. I look forward to demonstrating to Nevadans how their interests should be served when I represent them in Congress.”