Las Vegas, NV – Today, Elizabeth Helgelien, Fmr. State Senator and small business owner announced her candidacy for Congress to represent Nevada’s 3rd District. Elizabeth was the

youngest female in Nevada history to be elected to the state senate when she was elected in 2010 and was widely endorsed by many.

Elizabeth’s campaign launch video can be viewed here.

Helgelien Launch Video

Elizabeth shared the following statement: 

“DC is full of talkers promising a better economy, safer communities, and the defeat of radical liberalism.

The status quo in our nation has us in the predicament where we are past the point of placing our confidence in promises that fail to materialize. It’s time for representation that walks the talk.

As a proven defender of Nevadans’ Second Amendment rights, advocate of small businesses, and former elected official with a 100% Conservative Voting Record rating from The American Conservative Union, I’m taking the fight for the Silver State to DC. 

They say DC is broken and can’t be changed. It is from this place of brokenness that Americans must show their mettle and defend the virtues of living as a free people in a Constitutional Republic. As a young elected official, I was dubbed the ‘Unlikely Nevada Senator’ and however unlikely my potential was perceived by others, I demonstrated the tenacity of the American spirit. There are undoubtedly many politicians who believe our nation is a lost cause. Let’s go show them how wrong they are.”