Las Vegas, NV – Within days of Elizabeth Helgelien’s announcement that she would be challenging the Congressional seat for Nevada’s 3rd District, her campaign gained national media attention. Elizabeth was featured on Just The News to discuss the political ramifications surrounding her run to unseat incumbent Democrat Rep. Susie Lee. 

The Just The News Exclusive featuring Elizabeth can be viewed here:

Elizabeth shared the following statement: 

“The new economic data is in, and it confirms the pain we’re feeling in our pocketbooks. Not only are prices remaining uncomfortably high, average hourly wages are in the negative at -1.3%.

With our current slim, but bold Republican Congressional majority, Radical Left politicians like my incumbent opponent Susie Lee become more and more vulnerable with each America Last vote they are forced to put on the record.

The years of lockstep voting for Radical Left policies by Democrat politicians have unfortunately come home to roost, and families are paying the price in the aftermath with persisting inflation, soaring costs, and forced indebtedness. 

The NRCC has targeted this District 3 seat for the last two terms, and it’s no shock that it is in the crosshairs again. Nevadans deserve representation that will stop the dysfunctional economic practices by elected officials who are so out-of-touch with reality that they are unable to change course from the destructive path towards restricted liberties and diminishing wealth.

I’m eager to continue my legacy of delivering on my Conservative promises for the people of Nevada as the 3rd District’s next Congresswoman.”