Las Vegas, NV – Today, Elizabeth Helgelien, a businesswoman, former State Senator, proven Conservative leader and Republican candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District issued the following statement regarding Trump’s fourth indictment. 

Elizabeth shared the following:

“The lawfare being waged against President Trump isn’t a Republican issue, but represents an American crisis. 

James Lindsay encapsulated the political persecution quite succinctly in a recent episode on American Thought Leaders: Trump indictments are meant to demoralize and provoke Americans, and these tactics are taken from notorious Marxist, Saul Alinsky’s playbook ‘Rules for Radicals’

That being the case, with each new indictment, the support for President Trump grows. 

Why is that? It turns out Americans do not like to see the legal system and our government institutions weaponized against one of its own citizens. 

Mr. Lindsay pointed out the Marxist strategy that is in play in the lawfare against Trump: DARVO, to ‘deny, attack, reverse victim and offender’. Lindsay’s mention of this tactic brings to mind the uncanny timing of the Trump indictments. Whenever a new revelation about the Biden Crime Family Enterprise comes to light, Trump is charged with yet another indictment. 

This most recent indictment could have been brought over two years ago, why now? The circumstances surrounding this fourth indictment reek of political bias, with the unauthorized release of an alleged court document on a website which was later disavowed. Then there’s DA Willis waging this investigation while utilizing it as an opportunity to fundraise for a political campaign. Even the manner of the grand jury proceedings have come into question, characterized by a judge as ‘one-sided’. 

These are dark days for America with the unending political persecution of a former President, and with the rule of law, due process and equal application of the law under assault.

It is evident to most Americans that these indictments exist to serve a specific political agenda rather than to uphold the fundamental principles of justice. The American people deserve a justice system that operates free from political manipulation. We must unite and exercise our First Amendment rights to stand against the erosion of our democratic values and the misuse of legal mechanisms for political ends.

I look forward to seeing President Trump present his case which will undoubtedly, yet again, have an outcome of complete exoneration. I have ZERO confidence in saying the same for Joe Biden. 

When the great people of Nevada send me to Congress, I will fight to ensure that such Radical political warfare ends with justice delivered, and integrity restored in our legal system.”