LAS VEGAS, NV – Elizabeth Helgelien, a businesswoman, former State Senator, proud Trump Republican, and candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District is the only candidate in the race for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district with the backbone to stand up and debate the crucial issues. KLAS Channel 8 recently attempted to organize a debate with all the candidates. Marty O’Donnell and Dan Schwartz refused to participate. Drew Johnson; while initially agreeing to participate, pulled out.

Drew Johnson, shamelessly claimed that Elizabeth was dodging debates. His exit, after being caught lying about his residency, making up endorsements, and anti-Trump comments are just another example of his total lack of integrity and courage. Meanwhile, Marty O’Donnell and Dan Schwartz are hiding in the shadows, too frightened to defend their anti-Trump statements. In Contrast, Elizabeth has supported Trump since 2015 and has a 100% conservative voting record according to the American Conservative Union. 

“It’s pathetic that these so-called Republican competitors lack the nerve to face a true conservative warrior. They are losers who are too weak to stand on stage because they know their fake Republican records can’t handle real scrutiny. I’m the only candidate who has boldly supported President Trump from the beginning and never wavered. I will fight for our America First agenda and expose the impostors among us.” Elizabeth stated.

Helgelien recently announced she received more individual contributions than the rest of the field of candidates combined and also received the endorsements of Senator Tommy Tuberville, Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, Congressman Cory Mills, Congressman Paul Gosar, Former Trump Security Advisor Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump Advisor Roger Stone, previous NV-03 nominee Danny Tarkanian, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Veterans for America First, Moms For America Action, the Oil & Gas Workers Association and many more.