Las Vegas, NV – Today, Congressional candidate Elizabeth Helgelien, Fmr. State Senator and small business owner made the following statement condemning the Radical Left Squad’s boycott of Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s address to a joint session of Congress, including Pramila Jayapal’s anti-semitic attack calling Israel a “racist state”:

“The Squad’s latest anti-semitic antics are an affront to America’s historical relationship with our ally Israel. Not only that, it is an outrageous insult to Jewish Americans. America is home to a Jewish population that sought refuge from the genocidal atrocities coming out of World War II.

These Democrat Congresswomen have used their platform to air their racial prejudices and it’s not lost on Americans that such remarks show they are guilty of their own words. Even as we recognize that bad behavior comes from petty people, such behavior cannot be excused. They are looked upon as national leaders, and such rhetoric can endanger our own Jewish community along with our relationship with one of our greatest allies.

When children make racist remarks, they are educated and disciplined. We have an entire chapter of the U.S. federal code dedicated to prohibiting racist targeting. Yet these Democrat lawmakers believe they can incite racial division with impunity?

This monstrous behavior by national leaders is inexcusable, and I’m calling on Congress to censure the representatives involved in such hateful behavior. I stand alongside Republican Congress members who have condemned these remarks. I challenge my incumbent opponent, Congresswoman Susie Lee to do so as well.”