LAS VEGAS, NV – Barry Goldwater Jr. has announced his endorsement of Elizabeth Helgelien for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat. Barry Goldwater Jr. is a lifelong conservative, a former US Congressman, and a champion of the conservative movement started by his father: US Senator Barry Goldwater Sr.

Barry Goldwater Jr stated in his endorsement:

“I am proud to endorse Elizabeth Helgelien for Congress. Elizabeth Helgelien is a true conservative who possesses the courage and tenacity to stand up to the Washington Swamp. When she was in the State Senate: Elizabeth stood up to the Establishment and earned a 100% conservative rating, proving her unwavering commitment to limited government, a free market, and our Constitution. Elizabeth Helgelien’s successful career in the private sector has strengthened her resolve to fight for the people of Nevada. It’s time to send a genuine leader to Congress, one who will prioritize fiscal responsibility, defend individual liberties and freedoms, and ensure a prosperous future. Elizabeth Helgelien is that leader.”

Helgelien had this to say to her supporters in response: 

“It is a great honor to be endorsed by Barry Goldwater Jr., who represents the best that America has to offer. He has been a champion for American values, working to protect economic independence and individual rights by pushing back against government bureaucracy. Barry has been working for over 60 years to protect these conservative principles, through his work as a member of congress, as a business leader, and through the Goldwater Institute. 
He is a pragmatic leader and exceptional businessman who is truly an example of the American dream. I am certain that his father who started the great movement that elected Ronald Reagan is proud of the work he has done and continues to do to make our country great.
Barry Goldwater Jr. and I both agree that America needs real leadership, leaders who are not afraid to make tough choices and leaders that will stand in defense of American values. With the endorsement of Barry Goldwater Jr., I am confident that we will be able to stand up to liberal democrats and protect your freedom.”