Las Vegas, NV – Today, Elizabeth Helgelien, Fmr. State Senator and small business owner announced that Congressman Paul Gosar has endorsed her campaign to serve Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Like Elizabeth, Congressman Gosar has a proven track record as a Conservative and has a 100% Conservative scorecard from Heritage Action and numerous other advocacy organizations.

Congressman Gosar shared the following statement:

“Elizabeth Helgelien has my full endorsement for Congress in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. She’s a true MAGA warrior and tested legislator. Her 100% ACU rating in the Nevada Senate shows she’ll do great things for the American people in DC. I look forward to working with her!”

Helgelien had this to say about the endorsement:

“I am immensely honored to receive the endorsement of Congressman Gosar. Congressman Gosar’s commitment to our nation embodies the significance of American Patriotism. Without Congressman Gosar’s history of fighting for We The People, the federal government would have more power than its due at the cost of American freedoms, prosperity, resources and security. 

I’m grateful for his recognition of my proven Conservative record as a state lawmaker, and I look forward to joining the ranks with him and his colleagues in the House Freedom Caucus to advance the values that will secure our nation’s borders and reignite an era of American exceptionalism by triumphing over the self-serving politicians that empower Big Government.”